Just Another Dude With Massive Balls

mountain bike jump

This guy absolutely tears shit up when he’s on a bike. He must have balls the size of a couple of watermelons. Check it.

mountain bike jump

As I’ve said before, there are things that are awesome and things that are shit. This falls into the awesome category.

Some guy, a pro mountain-biker called Manizales Marcelo Gutierrez, absolutely tears shit up once he’s grabbed hold of a bike. He specifies in urban races – which include jumps, sharp as fvck turns, twists, and even blocks of stairs – and considering he’s going faster than your old Clio ever could it just makes what he does even more ballsy.

Luckily for us, for some of his races he’s strapped a camera to his helmet and has let the video run. This means that we get a first-person view as he flies around on his bike, making something pretty tekkers look really easy. If you want to, you can watch his videos and pretend you’re him, but I wouldn’t do that. You’ll never be as much of a dude as Gutierrez.

This is my favourite video of his, so it should be yours, too. But, if you’re a frigid cunt and reckon this one ain’t good enough, check out his other videos here.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnw73uji2i4′]


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