Someone Caught The Horrific Moment This Spider Was Destroyed By A Swarm Of Killer Bees

Fishing Spider

What a brutal way to go.

A dude named Zaur Man filmed this footage of a fishing spider learning the hard way what happens when you trespass into a colony of bees.

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In simple terms, they stung the absolute shit out of him until he died:

Now I don’t really like spiders at all and don’t really care if I see one die but at the same time, fuck these bees. The way they ganged up on that spider reminded me of one of those Worldstar videos where you get 5 dudes all kicking the crap out of one guy on the floor. That’s basically what those spiders just did and it isn’t right. Brutal way to go for that spider.

P.S. I wonder if that guy who lives in that horrific spider-infested hell-hole ever sorted out his spider problem?


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