This Guy Lives In The Most Horrifically Spider Infested Apartment Of All Time

Spider Infested Apartment

Move out ASAP dude.

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When it comes to stuff that massively turns me off about living somewhere, the spider population of an apartment is definitely a big no no. I wouldn’t really be happy just seeing a couple over a month or something – especially if I never managed to get rid of them somehow.

So living where this guy lives would probably be my worst nightmare. Not only does he have an absolutely insane amount of spiders inhabiting his apartment, but they’re all massive and scary looking and they all like hanging out on his walls just chilling there. Then they all scurry off so he can never trap or kill them. Absolutely terrifying.

Unfortunately there isn’t any information about where he lives or if he’s managed to solve the problem, because that’s one apartment that I would definitely be avoiding in the future. I suppose if it’s any consolation for the guy, at least they aren’t Huntsman spiders.


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