Study Finds That Watching Netflix Can Help You Lose Weight


Surely not?

When you think of Netflix you think of hours and hours of great television and movies and sitting on your couch watching it all, but you probably don’t associate it with losing weight. If anything you’re probably more likely to gain weight sitting on your ass glued to the sofa whilst you’re binge watching Altered Carbon or Evil Genius or whatever.

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Turns out that watching Netflix can actually help you lose weight though according to a new study from Yale University of all places. Of course, you’re not actually going to magically see your waistline decrease after watching hours upon hours of Wild Wild Country, but instead it’s because of the fact that there are no ads on Netflix.

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How does that work? Well, it turns out a lot of television adverts are for junk food and it’s scientifically proven that 45% more food was consumed after people were exposed to junk food advertising. That’s a whole lot more food you’re eating, but by watching Netflix you’re gonna miss out on that and hopefully stay nice and trim. Oh yeah baby.

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