Weird Science: Five Strange Scientific Discoveries From 2013

From people getting their dicks nicked to footgasms – we take a look at the five strangest scientific discoveries of 2013.

This post is in no way associated with the brilliant yet slightly noncey John Hughes film Weird Science.

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2013 was a big year for science: there was the meteorite in Russia, which registered as only a mild inconvenience to this man; the news that drones could soon be used to drop off Amazon deliveries without massacring a village of innocent Afghanis en route; the creation of blueprints for a gun that can be printed out and assembled; and The Big Bang Theory getting flogged to death on E4.

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You probably heard about all that though. But were you aware that scientists have discovered a new type of boredom? That people have been getting their dicks nicked in Africa? Or that they may have finally found proof that Bigfoot exists?

Here are the five strangest scientific discoveries of 2013:

1. Woman Achieves Orgasm Through Feet

foot orgasm

2013 was the year that a 55-year-old Dutch woman became the first reported person to achieve orgasm through their feet. Although this sounds like it could be quite an interesting experience, it quickly lost its appeal for the woman when it occurred 5-6 times a day at unwanted intervals.

The doctor who treated the woman said that the footgasms were caused by a mix up in her brain, and were not triggered by sexual desire or thoughts. It transpired that about a year and a half earlier the patient had been admitted to hospital in a coma, and when she had come out of it she was left with damaged nerve fibres in her left foot. Coincidentally, the nerve that registers sensory information from the foot enters the spinal cord at the same level as the nerve that registers sensory information from the vagina. Because of the nerve damage to her foot the woman’s brain had started to mix up the sensory information from these two different areas. Basically, her brain decided that all the stimulus it was receiving from the foot was actually coming from the vagina, and reacted accordingly — unwanted orgasms.

They treated the woman by injecting an anaesthetic into one of her spinal nerves and she no longer suffers from footgasms.

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