Amazon’s New Delivery Drones – Disaster Waiting To Happen?

Amazon is planning to deliver packages to customers’ doors within half an hour with their new delivery mini-drones.

Next-day delivery is so last year — Amazon now wants to deliver their customers’ items to their front doors in as little as half an hour using these brand spanking new delivery mini-drones. They’ve been working on the “octocopter” project for months now in a secret research and development lab in the States, with the idea being the drones will pick up packages in small buckets at Amazon’s various storage centres and fly them directly to customers as soon as they hit the ‘Buy’ button.

It will be about 4 of 5 years before the project takes off, but it’s definitely being developed and prepped as the future of home delivery.

Does it have a chance of working though? Everyone’s getting excited about the advances in technology and about the fact they’ll be getting their shopping quicker and whatnot but are you telling me that these drones are going to make it to their destinations in one piece even 50% of the time? Let’s face it, these things are going to get the shit robbed out of them and probably smashed to pieces as well. There’s kids out there knocking out strangers on the street for fun who would love to get their hands on these corporate little flying machines, especially if they’re carrying mystery prizes as well. Do you really think they’re going to let these things fly over their endz in one piece? I fancy myself an upstanding member of society and even I’m not sure if I’ll be able to resist whipping out the old slingshot when I spot one in the sky.

There’s only one solution, and that’s to hook these things up with red-dot machine guns or some kind of missile weaponry. Maybe that’s what the delay is all about, but then again arming these things opens up a whole new can of worms altogether. Tricky. It just doesn’t seem like this thing can work whatever way you look at it.

Let’s wait on some more details but for now — this whole idea has FAIL written all over it.

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