Some Dumbass American Has Created A Gun You Can Print Using A 3D Printer, Which Is Obviously A Bad Idea



Cody Wilson

Although sociologists assure us that society as a whole is getting less violent, it’s really more a case of exporting violence better than ever.

Sure, violent crime might be down in the western world, but this is the self-same western world that has an alarming habit of drone-striking brown-skinned civilians into smithereens every day. Try telling the folks in the mountains of Pakistan that the world isn’t a violent place, and they’d laugh in your face, if they weren’t so numbed by horror that they’d forgotten how to laugh.

They’d probably wave their stumps at you in admonishment, though.

The bottom line is that humanity is a violent species, and this is at the root of many of our problems.

How should the human race go about solving these problems? If your answer was “more guns!”, then congratulations; you’re either an NRA spokesman or Cody Wilson, a 25-year-old law student and irresponsible wankshaft from Texas who runs a company called Defense Distributed.

Defense Distributed has recently made the first working gun to be created via a 3D printer.

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For those who don’t know, 3D printers are machines that build up tiny layers of liquid plastic, much like a normal printer adds layers of ink. This allows people to scan items and then send the information to the printer and create an absolutely exact replica, one layer at a time.

Some people have referred to 3D printers as being “a bigger deal than the internet”, although most normal people refer to them as “fuck me, that thing looks expensive.” Here’s a quick demo:

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Defense Distributed, as mentioned, have become the first company to create a gun that is 3D-printable. It still requires a firing pin, but every other part of it is plastic.

Ignoring the fact that everyone who works at Defense Distributed must be some variation of John Malkovich’s character from “In The Line Of Fire,” the gun itself is pretty ugly:

Plastic gun

Combining the handle from a supermarket pricing gun and the body of… well, shit, the whole thing actually looks like a pricing gun. It’s also apparently only a one-shot weapon, and is designed for small, .22 calibre bullets.

Nevertheless, .22 bullets can be fatal, and are notorious in the medical profession for their habit of migrating around the human body; being shot with a .22 can lead to the small projectile entering the blood stream and damaging organs nowhere near the point of impact.

Also, .22 rounds are excellent at causing fatal headshots, as the bullet doesn’t have the power to exit the skull once it’s inside and therefore tends to bounce around, turning the entire brain to slush.

Make no mistake – this printed gun is more than capable of killing you.

It also has what appears to be a very short barrel, meaning that it would be wildly inaccurate. Depending on the number of bystanders, this might actually make it more dangerous.

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Cody Wilson says he is aware of the dangers of giving firearms to all and sundry, but that he thinks everyone should be allowed access to a gun, even in places where that is illegal.

Whilst freedom is a wonderful thing, it would take a true imbecile (or an American) not to realise that it’s not smart to give everyone free access to weapons willy-nilly. Cody Wilson strenuously disagrees with this line of thinking on his shockingly piss-poor website, which isn’t linked here because fuck him.

On the very short upside of the idea that every lone nutter in his parents’ attic will soon be able to download himself a gun, we should at least be happy that there are still financial barriers.

The 3D printer used by Defense Distributed was purchased second hand on e-bay, and still cost eight thousand dollars.

Maybe that’ll stop gunless maniacs from downloading guns long enough for someone to slap some sense into Cody Wilson.

Anyway, here’s the world’s deadliest pricing gun in action:

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