Someone Ordered Eggs Benedict At Tesco In Wigan And It Looked Like This

Eggs Benedict

That’s not so good.

You’re never going to expect the best presented food when you visit the cafe at your local supermarket for breakfast, but I think you’re definitely well within your rights to expect something better than the hunk of crap you can see above you that was received by one customer at the Wigan branch of Tesco.

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A guy called Thomas Hesketh ordered what he believed was going to be Eggs Benedict over the weekend and received the monstrosity that you can see above. I think we can all probably agree that even if your expectations weren’t very high for such a dish from the Tesco cafe, this definitely undershoots them tremendously.

Of course, all of Twitter agreed as well. Check out the number of retweets on this badboy:

Yeah clearly people can feel Thomas’ pain. Probably should have gone for the full English that it looks like his mate had – at least that looks slightly passable. Tesco did reply and say that they were sorry about it, but Thomas didn’t seem to care as he had already complained about it and just been offered another one, which he wasn’t convinced would be any better and so had already declined. Brutal.

Hopefully this is a one off from Tesco but I’m fairly certain it’s going to influence a whole bunch of people as to whether or not they’ll ever eat there in the future with a whole bunch of them choosing not to as a result of this. Better do something to sort that out quicktime guys.

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