The Second Leading Actor Has Been Cast For Season Three Of True Detective

True Detective

More plot details have also been released.

It’s fair to say that whilst True Detective season 2 probably wasn’t as awful as everyone made it out to be, it still wasn’t really a patch on the first one and it seems like HBO are keen to rectify this with the the third season, making sure that series creator Nic Pizzolatto has enough time to develop it and the right kind of talent is attached to it as well.

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It’s already been announced that Jeremy Saulnier – who made Green Room and Blue Ruin – has been tapped up to direct certain episodes and that Oscar winning actor Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, House Of Cards) has been cast in the lead role, but more details are now being revealed with the first being that Stephen Dorff has been cast as the second lead. If you’re not sure who Dorff is, he was kind of a big actor in the 90s and is most famous for movies like Somewhere, The Power Of One, Gladiator and Judgment Night.

Oh, and he played Deacon Frost in Blade 2:

Cool leather jacket dude. Anyway, Dorff is a pretty solid actor and should absolutely kill it in the Colin Farrell/Matthew McConaughey flawed weirdo badass protagonist role. He was pretty much born to play it to be honest.

Some plot details have also been released about the upcoming show, with it being revealed that Dorff will play Roland West, an Arkansas State Investigator who, along with his partner, has his life and career influenced over three decades by a baffling macabre crime. Kinda sounds like the original series, right? Except this one is set in the Ozarks and that’s probably going to be the only main difference by the sound of things.

I’m OK with that because that first series was goddamn awesome, so excited to see how this one ends up turning out. For more on the third series, click here.


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