The Inbetweeners Are Reuniting For A Special 10 Year Anniversary Show


The boys are back in town.

The Inbetweeners could be one of the most loved British comedy shows of all time, so it’s no surprise that fans are always hankering for a reunion of the gang and seeing what Will, Simon, Neil and Jay are up to these days.

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Fans therefore will welcome the news that the guys are getting back for the shows tenth anniversary, however it’s probably not the reunion that they’re after. Sadly, it’s not going to be a continuation of the quartet’s dumb adventures, but instead a two hour special looking back over the show with some celebrity guests and awards for categories like ‘best sex scene’ and ‘best moment’. Not bad but not exactly what I was hoping for if you know what I mean.

I suppose it’s the kind of thing that it will be fun to watch over Christmas when you’re stuck at your family house with literally nothing to do and I imagine that’s when it’s going to air, although no official date has yet been announced. It’s classic Christmas TV fare though so it seems completely obvious that’s when it’s going to be though hey?

Here’s what Channel 4’s head of live events and commissioning editor for entertainment, Tom Beck, said:

Will, Jay, Simon and Neil spent years failing to sneak into the best parties, so I’m very pleased to throw one that they’re definitely invited to.

I just hope Will brings his Mum.

Classic banter and I’m sure she probably will be involved in some capacity on this show that everyone will probably tune into even though it’s not really offering anything new. That’s what we want from television a lot these days though hey?

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