Check Out These Satirical Illustrations That Reveal How World Leaders See Justice

Satirical Illustrations Justice Featured

A real eye opener.

Controversial cartoonist Gunduz Agayev has no intention of letting up with his satirical series of artworks that aim to raise awareness of the situations in various countries and organisations.

For this latest set he has chosen to focus on the theme of universal rights and human justice in various different countries. The results are fairly harrowing and judgmental as nobody really comes out looking too good from it.

Agayev explains how he devised the collection:

I have spent 15-16 days for this volume.

I drew thinking and reading about the situations in these countries.

These illustrations depict the real conditions in the countries.

Check out the illustrations by hitting the arrow buttons to cycle through the slideshow below. If you enjoyed these, then check out the satirical illustrations of John Holcroft afterwards, which deal with all the problems of modern life.

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Justice Germany

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