Genius Teenager Creates Website That Will Help Us But Screw Up The Government


Why didn’t we think of this… genius!

Getting a parking ticket has to be one of the most annoying things that happens to you in your whole entire life. Half the time it isn’t even your fault, but we all know those pesky traffic wardens like nothing better than giving you fine after fine after fine, sometimes for the most innocuous of offences.

I remember once I got a parking fine for parking my van in a sports centre car park because it weighed too much to be parked there. How the hell did this stupid traffic warden know how much my van weighed? All I had to do was look in the Haynes manual and send in the official weight and the fine was squashed, but it’s the annoyance and inconvenience of even having to do that which gets on everyone’s tits isn’t it?

That’s where this genius website set up by 18 year old Joshua Browder comes in handy. After getting 18 parking fines after passing his test (obviously a moron for doing that, but still it made him set up this website so I’m cool with that), Browder decided to set up a website that provides the template for any letter you have to send to the council to get out of a parking fine.

All of the usual reasons for disputing it are provided – I was parked within the lines, my car was stolen before I got the ticket – and then you fill in your personal details and hey presto, you’ve saved yourself the time and effort of typing out a boring letter trying to get out of something that you didn’t probably even do in the first place.

Joshua had the following to say about the site:

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Do No Pay Form

I was given the parking tickets for trivial reasons.

I have had to spend around one hundred hours of valuable study time writing appeals to these tickets, many of which have been successful.

Unfortunately, many recipients of these tickets don’t have the time, legal knowledge or energy to appeal.

After accruing all this knowledge I felt the best way I could use it was to help out other people by designing the site.

I conferred with a traffic lawyer to help me with some of the complexities.

Joshua Browder

Fair play to the kid. Joshua is heading over to Stanford, California to study Computer Science and Economics and it looks like this is only the first of many great inventions to come from him. He’s also vowed to keep it free for users too, which is just plain safe really isn’t it?

Check it out over at and then check out the story of the teenage Wolf Of Wall Street for another example of a kid absolutely killing it.


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