Head Chef For Gourmet Indian Restaurant Caught Buying Dog Food From The Back Of A Disgusting Van

Indian Chef Buying Dog Meat

Don’t read this post if you ever want to trust what you’re eating at a restaurant ever again.

A 37 year old Indian chef from Swindon named Royly Da Silva has been busted buying dog food from a dodgy looking pet supplier out of the back of a gross van. This is even more concerning when you consider that he’s the owner of the Indian and Goan catering company Royal Food, which was scheduled to cater an upcoming London event that was to pay host to 15,000 people. Unfortunately I don’t have the name of it so we can make sure that we don’t go anywhere near it, but I’m pretty sure he will have been taken off the event following these revelations so you PROBABLY don’t have to worry about it. At least I hope not.

Da Silva – who claims to have worked in catering for 14 years on cruise ships and hotels, but sounds he was more likely to have picked up work experience on the worst ever episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – was caught when Swindon Borough Council investigators saw him buying unmarked bags from a really gross looking van – they had previously been investigating that pet food supplier too. After being questioned, Da Silva admitted that he bought all of his meat from this dude and that he stored all of this it in a really gross lock up garage he owned. Bags of beef patties, raw chicken, samosas and prawn rissoles were stored in a freezer there that was covered in dead flies and congealed blood, and kind of sounds like one of Dexter’s kill rooms.

The prosecutor Phil Wirth had the following to say in court yesterday:

Garage Lock Up

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There were sacks of meat which were being delivered as pet food with no identifying marks and so could easily be confused with those sacks delivered as food for human consumption.

The van which the meat was delivered on was dirty and bags of meat were either on the floor or in Dolavs [plastic boxes] which stored the pet food meat and offal.

The freezer in which the food was stored was filthy, littered with old food debris and congealed blood, there were dead flies lying in the bottom. There were Goan sausages hanging in the lockup in a plastic bag and Royly Da Silva was not clear about when and where these were prepared.

Absolutely rank. Da Silva was ordered to destroy half a tonne of food as a result of the court case, but could (and probably should) face more charges. If you want to look through some photographs of his disgusting looking lock up then click through the gallery below, but be warned they are completely grim. Use the arrow buttons to scroll.

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