Sacha Baron Cohen Has Shared A Clip From His New Show And It’s As Ridiculous As You Would Imagine


So good.

The world has been pretty excited for the last week after Sacha Baron Cohen announced that he would be returning to his roots and making a new series where he would dress up as a fake character and interview politicians about stupid issues and make them look like idiots.

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‘Who Is America?’ is set to premiere tonight but Cohen has decided to release a ten minute clip from it to whet our appetites. You can see the segment below, but to give you an idea about what’s going on in it, Cohen has dressed up as Colonel Erran Morad, an Israeli anti-terror expert who has travelled to Washington DC to try and push forward his idea of Kinder Guardians – basically teaching kids between the ages of 4 and 12 how to fire guns so that they know how to react if someone tries to shoot up their school. He managed to get pro-gun enthusiast Phillip Van Cleave to engage in the interview and the results are as hilarious as you can imagine:

Jokes. If this is the level of humour that we’re going to get than ‘Who Is America’ could quite easily be the show of the summer. Excited tot one in later tonight and see what’s up with it.

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