Ryan Giggs’ £2m Mansion Covered In Graffiti After His Wife Leaves Him (PHOTOS)

Ryan Giggs has to be the most-busted cheater of all time.

Everyone knows Ryan Giggs is a bit of a scum bag, having carried on an affair with his own brother’s wife for years and cheating on his own wife in the process.

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Well years later he’s been busted cheating on his wife again – this time with a Manchester United PR girl.

His wife Stacey has now walked out on the millionaire footballer and this week police had to be called to his £2 million home in Manchester after he woke one day to find the exterior covered in graffiti, including the phrases ‘Welsh cunt’ (lol) and ‘cheating twat’.

A team is currently scrubbing away the messages, but it’s likely going to take a while.

Here are some photos:








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It turns out he also spent £150,000 on a legal battle to keep his affair with glamour model/ex-Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas secret.

His wife has now decided to divorce him and he stands to lose half his £40 million fortune. Should learn to behave himself eh?

For a substantially grosser cheater revenge story, click HERE (NSFL).


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