Did This Russian Snowboarder Pull Off One Of The Sickest Chirpses Of All Time?

Alexey Sobolev went to Sochi with a plan – to turn his brief Olympic fame into a owe way ticket to poon town.

The Winter Games may be over, but it was such an eventful spectacle that there’s still loads to talk about. Like Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev for example — he went to Sochi with a truly ingenious plan. A plan to turn his brief Olympic fame into a one way ticket to poon town.

The Winter Games only come around once every 4 years, so Alexey knew he had to make the most of his situation. The 22-year-old printed his phone number to his helmet to encourage women from across the nation to send him pictures, calls and texts. He says he ended up getting “dozens” of pictures and 2,000 messages — an indisputable success. He was less forthcoming about how many of these girls he actually hooked up with, but let’s just pretend he had his pick of the bunch and is just being a top gent about it.

Alexey Sobolev may not have won any titles or competitions during his time in Sochi, but he taught us all a creative lesson in international chirpsing.

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☛ Funny Shit From Sochi:

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