Sochi Winter Games Fails Gifs #3

Jump in for part 3 of our Sochi fails blog – all the hilarity and bloopers from the Winter Games.

If you enjoy watching professional athletes falling over in the snow and missed out on Sochi Fails #1 and Sochi Fails #2, be sure to check them out. Then continue on your merry way into our third collection of .gifs and pics highlighting all the calamitous and lol-worthy action from the Sochi Winter Games.

Putin Selfie

First, Vladimir Putin completely crushing the selfie game:

No Medals For You

“Bullshit” mouths the first lady – so American. The other two are an inconsolable shambles:




Ice Hockey Butt Smash

Not since Rikishi from WWF have we seen a butt smash this devastating. Oh actually wait, yes we have.

More Ice Hockey Smashing

You’ve gotta get him back for this one:

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