A Religious Leader Who Blamed COVID-19 On Gay Marriage Now Has COVID-19


There are a lot of people out there blaming the spread of COVID-19 on all sorts of different things, but I don’t think that many people actually thought that it was all because of gay marriage and the one guy that vocally spoke out about this has now been proven a fraud.

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91 year old Ukrainian church leader Patriarch Filaret described the pandemic back in March as God’s punishment for sins of men and humanity, clarifying that he specifically meant gay marriage in his very next sentence. On Friday, the church issued the following statement about his illness:

We inform that during planned testing, His Holiness Patriarch Filaret of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine tested positive for Covid 19.

Now His Holiness Bishop is undergoing treatment at a hospital.

I guess you reap what you sow there hey? I suppose you can’t really have too much of a go at the guy because the anti homosexuality stance in Ukraine is pretty much inherent in its culture and it’s kinda hard to break a belief like that when it’s been ingrained in you since you were born, but hopefully the fact that he contracted Coronavirus after speaking out about it in this way will lead to some people in the country questioning what they’ve been taught in the past.

We can but hope and I hope that Filaret gets out of it too. He doesn’t deserve to die for his ignorance.

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