This Budget ASDA Pool Is The Perfect Summer Hangout Accessory

Asda Lounge Pool

Crack them open.

There’s not much better than cracking open a couple of tall boys in the sun and enjoying them in your own hot tub or swimming pool with all your buddies. Unfortunately for most of us, the reality of the situation is that that’s probably never going to happen because swimming pools and hot tubs are annoyingly expensive.

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ASDA however have come up with the perfect solution and it only costs £30. They’ve decided to release the paddling pool you can see in this post, which they’re describing as a ‘lounge pool’ thanks to its 4 seats.

Lounge Pool

Sure, you won’t be able to stand up in it and the water probably won’t go higher than your knees if you’re crawling around in it, but at £30 you can’t really complain. Apparently it can hold 836 litres of water and has a backrest height of 66cm, so it should be alright for you and a few mates.

If you’ve got a garden and a hose then I’m not really sure what else you’re waiting for really this weekend? I mean even the sun’s out too. Pull the trigger.

Make sure you’re not this guy though, who’s guilty of literally the worst ever attempt to dive into a paddling pool ever. Seriously.


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