Quorn Factory Worker ‘Hides Real Chicken Nugget’ In Pack To Sabotage The Veggies

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The rise of the anti-veggie trolls is upon us.

The past couple of years have seen the meat-free trend continue to rise, with even major fast food brands such as Pizza Hut, Greggs and Burger King catering to those who are adopting a veggie lifestyle with new plant-based products.

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As such, a counterculture has developed, one that doesn’t take too kindly to those who don’t wanna eat animals and are pissed off that they’re getting recognition at all.

While people such as YouTuber Sv3rige are very vocal in their protests – vocal, as in eating raw pigs heads outside of vegan festivals – one angry anti-veggie decided to fuck things up from the inside.

A recent report claims that a Quorn factory worker decided to sabotage the company and its vegetarian meat-style range by sneaking a real chicken nugget into a packet of meat-free cocktail sausage.

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The disgruntled customer from Kent who ended up taking a bite out of the nugget made a complaint to the company, leading to an investigation into the CCTV footage of the factory the packet was made in.

Matthew Barlow, 42, said up until that point, he hadn’t eaten meat in 20 years and didn’t realise what he was biting into. He said:

The texture seemed odd to me.

It was chewy and not like a normal veggie product’s texture. I have no idea what meat should feel or taste like any more.

After the item was collected and tested, it was confirmed to be a chicken nugget. Although there’s been no confirmation as to who planted it, Barlow reckons one of the workers at the undisclosed plant “must have popped the nugget in the package to prank a vegetarian”.

chicken nuggets

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A spokeswoman for Quorn Foods confirmed that the company has since interviewed staff and studied the CCTV footage, but can’t find the culprit, adding that its policies meant accidental cross-contamination is impossible and therefore it is possible the rogue nugget was “introduced deliberately by a factory employee”.

If that’s the case, then the secret veggie-hater could still be at large – anyone who’s meat-free had better watch their back.

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