The Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll Is Officially Available From Tomorrow

Sausage Roll

It’s been rumoured to be coming for a long time, but Greggs have now officially announced that there vegan sausage roll will be available at all their stores in the UK from tomorrow.

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The bakery decided to let us all know by posting the following video onto their Twitter account which kind of makes out that the vegan sausage roll is some super advancement in technology or something. It’s a bit weird but hey, at least we know that we’ll finally be able to get some of that vegan goodness when we head into out local Greggs for a bit to eat when we’re hungover now.

Here’s what Greggs Chief Executive Roger Whiteside had to say about the new launch:

Like many food retailers we have seen increasing demand for vegetarian and vegan products. We have been trying to develop a vegan version of our famous sausage roll for some time now.

It has not been easy but our taste panel customers all love this one, so we have decided to launch it as our contribution to Veganuary.

Sounds great. Of course, the real interesting part of the any vegan launch is finding out what the substitute for the meat is going to be and in this one Greggs have opted for a classic of the vegan market: a ‘bespoke Quorn filling’. OK, so that isn’t exactly filling me with optimism over how excellent it’s going to taste – despite Roger Whiteside’s comments – but at least we’ve got the option there now. Well, from tomorrow – you know what I mean.

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