Piers Corbyn Flash-Mobbed A London Train With A Cringe Anti-Mask Song About Farting

Cringe central.

You know, it’s too bad that the anti-establishment movement in the UK seems to be spearheaded by Piers bloody Corbyn of all people. Don’t get me wrong – I like that the guy is an independent thinker and all that, but why does he have to take his ideas to such dumb extremes? First he accused Bill Gates of creating Covid to cull the world population, then he compared the vaccine campaign to Auschwitz, and then he was ruthlessly exposed after being filmed accepting £10,000 by a pair of YouTubers posing as AstraZeneca representatives who asked that he stop badmouthing their product.

So what do you do when your integrity is basically in the bin? Write an anti-mask song that includes the lyrics “wearing a mask is like trying to keep a fart in your trousers”, apparently. Come on Piers, haven’t you embarrassed your brother enough?


For an excerpt by Rosa Prince’s biography of Jeremy Corbyn that describes the time he ‘showed off’ a naked Dianne Abbott in his bed, click HERE.


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