Jeremy Corbyn’s Brother Says Coronavirus Was Created By Bill Gates To Cull World Population

Is Piers Corbyn onto something?

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory and there’s no shortage of coronavirus conspiracy theories out there at the moment, but the wildest one yet may have come this week from the Twitter account of Piers Corbyn – Jeremy Corbyn’s older brother.

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Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn, 73, claims the coronavirus pandemic was created by “mega-rich control freaks” Bill Gates and George Soros in order to control world population via their mass vaccination plan which will contain a secret poison ingredient.

Here’s the Tweet:

Back-up in case he deletes it:

Corbyn, who is also a climate change denier, says the aim of coronavirus is to cull the population in order to help the climate. The only way to protect yourself is to refuse the coronavirus vaccine when it comes out.

Is this completely unbelievable? No, after all, like he said – a bunch of billionaires including Bill Gates did simulate an exercise on coronavirus 2 months before it showed up for real:

That’s pretty coincidental, no? Well maybe not. There have been coronavirus outbreaks in the past and it’s not unreasonable to prepare for another one. Then again, anything’s possible.

It’s not unfeasible that there’s something deeper going on behind the scenes, it’s just unlikely considering the more simple explanations – that someone in Wuhan ate some dodgy bat meat and it kicked on from there. Some of the claims, like Bill Gates having patented the Covid-19 vaccine, have turned out to be untrue (he owns a vaccine patent for a different strain of coronavirus that affects animals).

Anyway, the reaction to Piers’s Tweet wasn’t great:

Lol @ George Galloway getting a dig in there.

Some actually thought the situation was way worse than Piers thought. Here’s a Top Secret document shared by Twitter user @psaregood:

Finally, it all makes sense.

For the coronavirus conspiracy theory that suggests China released the virus on purpose, click HERE. Somewhat more believable, I guess.


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