Here’s A Video Of Peter Crouch Off His Face In Ibiza

Stoke's Peter Crouch has received support that he is worthy of a place in England's World Cup squad

Enjoying his summer holiday clearly.

It’s pretty much a given that at least 99% of people in Ibiza this summer are going to be off their nuts, but if you’re a professional footballer (or anyone in the public eye for that matter) it’s probably a better idea for you to keep a low profile so that videos like this don’t end up plastered all over the internet.

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Peter Crouch has got a bit of a reputation as a party animal in any case, so it’s probably no real surprise that after a disappointing season he’s heading to Ibiza rather than France for the European championship. Looks like he’s having an absolute ball over there.

Geez Pete. Where the hell was the robot though? Big omission right there.

Those girls he was talking to weren’t looking too impressed either, but I suppose Crouchy probably couldn’t actually form real sentences when he was talking to them. Hope he’s still got a job at Stoke when he reports back after the summer because I don’t know how I would cope without seeing him light up the Premiership week in week out.

For more Peter Crouch, check him out doing the robot dance on a previous visit to Ibiza. Seriously, he loves it over there.


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