This Couple Got Busted Having Sex On A Public London Night Bus (NSFW)

Night BUs

Just spring for the Uber dude.

Getting the night bus across London is usually the absolute worst – it takes forever, it’s usually rammed and you just want to get home and off the stupid fucking bus. The only benefit of it is that it’s cheap as fuck, so if you’re going a long way it might be worth it. But only just, because it’s a serious ballache.

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One way that I haven’t really ever thought of passing the time on the night bus though is to have sex with a girl I’ve just met on it. OK sure, I have probably thought about having sex with some of the girls I’ve encountered on the night bus but I’ve never actually got anywhere near doing it and I would probably just wait until I got home if I did get lucky because that’s the reason I’m on the fucking bus in the first place.

These two however literally couldn’t care less as they slam each other on the back seat of the bus while it drives through Trafalgar Square. Kind of surprised it isn’t busier on the top deck to be honest, so I suppose when you get an opportunity like that then you’ve got to make the most of it.

There you have it – I hope they used protection. The guy probably should have got a bit closer to film it to be honest but it’s pretty clear what’s going on right there isn’t it? Just get off the bus and spring for the Uber dude, it’s 2016 FFS. Props to Elliot for sending it in to us.

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