VIDEO: Dude Drinks 24,000 Calories Worth Of Olive Oil In One Sitting

Olive Oil

Have you ever drank olive oil? I haven’t because I know it would make me instantaneously throw up. I’m not sure why but this dude has filmed himself drinking 24,000 calories worth of the stuff.

Olive Oil

Have you ever drank olive oil?

I remember when I first got into drinking and people would always say you should do a shot of olive oil before you started your drinking sesh to line your stomach. I’d much rather just eat a sandwich or something though as I can imagine I’d probably instantaneously throw up if I was to drink a shot of olive oil.

Also, imagine what your shits would be like the next day after doing a shot of olive oil. You probably wouldn’t even feel the shit leaving your asshole because it would be so lubed up, but you’d end up using a tonne of toilet paper to clean up the excess oil from your anus – not a pretty thought. So what possessed this dude to drink a shit load of olive oil is beyond me. In total he gets down over 24,000 calories and 2,800 grams of fat – narsty. Fast forward to 3:30 if you can’t be arsed to listen to him chat pum pum.

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