Stop Motion Commercial Flying Video

Private Plane

Prepare to get your chill on to the max with this stop motion flying video.

Private Plane

I used to have a bad time when ever I flew at an early age. It’s kind of weird because I flew a light aircraft when I was 15, sky dived when I was 17, but still managed to shit a brick whenever I got on a plane to go on holiday. No doubt my brain chemistry has been drastically changed from having way too much fun in my teens which caused me to prang out in un-necessary situations.

Anyway, I got over my irrational fear of flying by 1. drinking a whiskey before the flight and 2. reading up about how a plane actually flew. Seriously, if you know how that massive metal tube is actually staying in the air things are a lot easier.

Since then I’ve found watching planes to be a massive chilling out activity. There’s a spot near Manchester airport you can get to if you hop a few fences that puts your within 50 metres of the run way. Get your cotch up, spark up a few zutes and watch the planes come in, you can’t beat it.

This video was made by a commercial airline pilot and was taken with his flight deck camera. You see what they see. The video’s been sped up by 8x and shows the pilot taking off and landing in various spots around the world. The backing music of Tycho – Past is Prologue just makes the whole thing one big meditation session. Now get your chill on and enjoy.

travel service timelapse from Jakub Vlk on Vimeo.


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