We Finally Have A Release Date For Louis Theroux’s ‘My Scientology Movie’

My-Scientology-Movie Louis Theroux

So exciting.

It’s been so frustrating knowing that the one and only Louis Theroux has made a Scientology documentary without knowing when the hell it is coming out. When it was shown at film festivals last year he still didn’t give any inclination as to when us mere civilians would get the chance to see what could potentially be the best documentary in years and certainly one of the best to cover Scientology.

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Now Louis himself has given some indication as to when the movie, directed by John Dower, will be hitting our TV screens. Apparently it has now acquired UK distribution and after a couple of people speculated the release date on Twitter, Louis said the following:

So at some point this autumn we are finally going to get a chance to see Louis’ take on Scientology. The clip below gives some indication as to how mental this documentary is going to be:

The Scientologists once again proving themselves to be a bunch of crazy controlling motherfuckers. According to Louis, during the making of the film he was followed by private investigators, they tried to hack his emails and he also had the police call him more than once as well as a bunch of legal letters sent through from Scientology lawyers. It sounds like this was his most difficult project to date. But Louis being Louis, he persevered and now we get to see how it all pans out in a few months time.

For more on the wonderful man, check out this amazing Twitter account called ‘No Context Louis’.


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