16 Perfect Videos To Watch When You’re Ultra-High



Getting nice and baked is all well and good. It’s not difficult. But what to do once you’ve achieved the buzz is sometimes trickier. If you haven’t decided pre-baking session what you’re going to watch, you can find yourself staring at your DVD collection for the next hour. Or, worse still, you accidentally come across some horrific YouTube footage of pub brawls or decapitations and give yourself an impromptu whitey.

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So the purpose of this post is to give you a selection of vids that come with the Sick Chirpse stamp of approval. Simply sit back, peruse the offerings, relax, revel in the oddities and feel safe at our welcoming teets. We’ve got you covered. (Oh, and if you’re feeling peckish check out these snacks before you get started).

So, without further ado, skip through the following slides and chill the frig out:

1) Fever The Ghost – SOURCE

This track is off Fever The Ghost’s debut album – Crab In Honey. The tune is textbook stoner fodder as it is, but mixed in with the trippy dragon animation just makes it a perfect watch.

(Click the arrows/swipe on mobile to navigate the slider).

2) Welcome To Kitty City

WTF? Doesn’t matter. We don’t need to ask “what” or “why”, we just need to know that it “is”.

3) Volcano Blowing Smoke Rings

Yeah, this is real. They really do that. Epic.

4) Weird Unexplained Underwater Sounds

We covered these unnerving sounds of the deep a while back on Sick Chirpse. They still freak me out. Turn your volume up for a truly immersive real-life horror show.

5) Cosmos Edit: MARS

If you’re not careful this one might spin you out a touch, it’s kind of creepy and weird, but in a good way. I think you should be OK though. You know Carl Sagan would have loved it.

6) The Truth Behind The Illuminati UNCOVERED

Everyone likes poking fun at the conspiracy lover’s guff. This is quite far down the bonkers path.

7) HEALTH – We Are Water

Health are an incredible and intense musical experience and this video suits their style perfectly. Terrifying to a certain extent, but the ending is so cathartic it’s worth sticking with it. Make sure you watch it to the end where it all kicks off.

8) African Kids Dance The Borrowdale

It doesn’t matter what the weather’s like outside, your baked brain marbles will be sun-soaked all the way through this little ray of light.

9) Ladder promo Fail

Chris gets NAILED.

10) Wikipedia’s Bhutanese Passport Audio Track

Wikipedia isn’t well-known for its jokes. After all, that’s not really what it’s for. So when I came across this I was more than a little bit pleased. This is the original audio from the Bhutanese Passport Wikipedia page. I am assuming someone is taking the mickey here, but either way I am happy to get involved.

11) Chrome Sparks – Marijuana

Classic stoner viewing and listening right there.

12) Death Valley Dreamlapse

Deserts, sunsets, stars. Yes please.

13) Man Spaghetti

I do not understand, but I like. A lot.

14) Awesome Selection Of Flags

I’ve been a fan of flags for a while. It’s not something I like to tell people about too often, it sounds a bit weird doesn’t it? But, once you’ve had a look through this collection of flags you’ll understand why, I’m sure.

There you go my pretty little children of the light. That’s the end of it. Sleep well.



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