Police Found This Stoner’s ‘To Do List’ And Decided To Post It On The Internet

Stoner To Do List

Top class stoner day-planning.

As most of you reading this probably know, when you get stoned it tends to make it really easy to forget everything and also makes even the simplest tasks a real effort and really hard to do – we’ve all been there.

One ‘enterprising’ stoner decided to counteract this by making himself a to-do list for everything he had to do on Saturday which pretty much includes a play by play of his entire day. You’ve got to hand it to him – he knows his limits and he knows what he can and can’t achieve when he’s under the influence of weed and this was sure to help him.

Unfortunately for him, the police had a search warrant for his place and found his to-do list and decided to confiscate it. We can only hope that he managed to get everything he needed to do on Saturday done. God forbid he forgot to go to the shop.

If you enjoyed that, here’s another list – of things you 100% don’t want to know.

NB – A stick is about an eighth of weed.

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