Watch The Moment Paedophile Gets Caught Trying To Pick Up Kids At Peppa Pig World

Andrew Sealey


Married paedophile Andrew Sealey, 39, was arrested recently at Peppa Pig world by undercover vigilantes who had posed as children and acted as bait.

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The group had pretended to be three 14-year-old kids online in order to draw Sealey in and the trick worked – apparently he had been sending sordid sexual messages to what he thought was a boy named James and two girls named Jilly and Alice. But in actual fact, they had been fully grown adults who were noting down every fucked up thing he said.

Eventually he arranged to meet them at Paultons Park theme park, home to Peppa Pig world. However, when he turned up, with his WIFE, he was immediately called out and arrested.

During his hearing at Southampton Crown Court, Sealey apparently admitted one count of attempting to meet a child but denied a further charge of the same nature. Sounds like he probably won’t be getting much jail time for this, even though he is a straight up paedophile who is willing to act out on his impulses. So wrong.

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