Black Power Group Claims Responsibility For The Dallas Shootings And Says There Will Be More

Black power

It’s not ISIS for once.

Four snipers killed five police officers and injured another six during a shooting in downtown Dallas last night – you can see some pretty horrific videos of the incident here – and now responsibility for the attack has been taken by a radical civil rights group called the Black Power Political Organization or BPPO for short. Sure this is going to do wonders for race relations over in America.

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BPPO posted this on their Facebook page today (I think their page has been deleted so here’s a screenshot of it):


They also posted the following message a couple of days ago when the innocent and unarmed Alton Sterling was shot dead by cops for no apparent reason:


At the moment there’s absolutely no information about who these guys are – other than some people that think that sniping people in positions of authority is a good way to promote the black agenda, regardless of whether or not they’re actually responsible for the shootings – and all we have to go on is this deleted Facebook page. Although these threats should be taken seriously. Hopefully the cops/FBI etc over there can sort out this problem before it turns into a full on race riot over there. Not looking too good right now.

Let’s hope this doesn’t end up like any of the 5 most violent riots of all time.


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