Obama’s Ex Just Claimed That He Did Coke, Cheated On Michelle And Was A Savage In Bed

It’s all coming out now.

Barack Obama might have avoided controversy during his time as US President, but now that he is no longer in the White House, it looks like all of his past secrets are coming out to play.

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Obama’s ex-girlfriend, Genevieve Cook, has revealed details on their relationship in a new book by biographer David Garrow ‘Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama’ and in it, there are some pretty bold claims including that Obama did coke, that he was a passionate lover, that he cheated on Michelle before they got married and that he considered a gay relationship while at college with his professor. Blimey – if these all turn out to be true then he’s done a good job of keeping those skeletons in the closet.

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Cook and Obama met at a New Year’s Eve party in 1983 while he worked for a financial analysis company just after graduating from Columbia Uni. He was 22 at the time, while she was 25. They allegedly slept together on their first proper date:

The thing that connected us is that we both came from nowhere – we really didn’t belong.

We went and talked in his bedroom. And then I spent the night. It all felt very inevitable.

She describes how she was so satisfied with their “passionate” sex session that she wrote a poem that included the line:

B – That’s for you.

F’s for all the fucking that we do.

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She went on to describe how they would smoke weed together at parties and that Obama would take coke with his friends Hasan Chandoo, Imad Hussain and Sohale Siddiqi at Occidental College, LA. But apparently, he wasn’t a massive messhead:

For every five lines that somebody did, he would have done half.

The book also describes his relationship former flame Sheila Miyoshi Jager, and Cook even suggests that he kept seeing her even after meeting Michelle, but it stopped after the couple married in 1992.

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And finally, the book details Obama’s close relationship with openly gay professor Lawrence Goldyn:

Obama wrote somewhat elusively to his first intimate girlfriend that he had thought about and considered gayness but ultimately decided that a same-sex relationship would be less challenging and demanding than developing one with the opposite sex.

Obama and Lawrence Goldyn

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I’m sure there are many, many more claims in the book, which will be out on May 9th 2017 if you’re interested. There are obviously a lot of controversial statements, but I guess Garrow at least held off from publishing until after Obama was President. Nonetheless, it’s a lot of dirt that has been dug up and if any of them turn out to be untrue, there could be a serious lawsuit at hand. Let’s wait and see how this unfolds.

To be fair, Obama’s chilling so hard right now that this probably doesn’t even faze him.


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