Barack Obama Is Chilling So Hard Right Now It’s Unreal (PHOTOS)

Barack Obama

Super chill.

When you’ve spent 8 years doing the most stressful job on the planet, at the end of which half the country hates you and the current President has told everyone you’re a Kenyan Muslim, you deserve bit of a break.

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Sure enough, Barack Obama is currently unwinding with some super chill beach time and extreme sports action on a Caribbean holiday with Richard Branson.

Get a load the smile on this man’s face – he’s never looked happier:






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Chill. As. Fuck. Good for him. Dealing with war  and tragedy and politics and all that shit for 8 years takes a serious toll on you. If anyone deserves some kite-surfing time with Richard Branson in the Caribbean, it’s Barack Obama.

Perhaps they’ll both be photographed kite-surfing with naked girls on their backs next – it’s one of Branson’s favourite past-times.


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