“No Indictment” For Darren Wilson; Riots Ensue In Ferguson

Ferguson Grand Jury returns “No true bill” and riots ensue.

We have featured the events of Ferguson in the recent months but a new shit storm just happened last night that blew everything you’ve seen out of the water.

The Grand Jury decided yesterday to send a “No True Bill” which is a no indictment of Officer Darren Wilson. The Grand Jury was meeting for three months to decide whether or not to charge the officer in the shooting death of unarmed Mike Brown. What’s strange about that is every prosecutor and defence attorney we contacted (as well as reports on main stream media) confirms this. The average time for a grand jury in the USA is one to two days to reach a decision.

While we can take the side of Prosecutor Bob McCulloch and believe his story that ALL the evidence needed to be shown, which it doesn’t because this WASN’T a trial, there are serious questions being asked on his credibility and possible misconduct on this case. He spent minutes reading a lengthy statement last night and even reporters at CNN and BBC were confused. McCulloch seemed hell-bent on making this case as complicated as possible so people wouldn’t know what was happening.

Actual people inside the court system have made public statements against his tactics in this case, stating that if he wanted an indictment, he could have had one in days, not months. Check out this video explaining why his actions are a sham.

Almost immediately after the decision dropped people in Ferguson got angry. Silence grew over the crowds as many sat in front of the police station in protest. Riot police showed up and began tear gassing everyone without prejudice. We got to see CNN’s Don Lemon being tear gassed as well as the thousands outside the police department. What started peaceful then became violent AFTER police attacked the protestors first.

Ferguson Tear Gas

Two abandoned police cruisers were torched and you could hear all the ammunition going off inside the trunks. Rocks and bricks were thrown at police, but no officers were seriously injured.

police car fires in ferguson

Reports came in that police used more tear gas last night than in the previous three months. Yes, they used so much tear gas in one night than in three months of unrest. Photos, videos, and live streams showed the savagery unfolding in front of the world’s eyes. Wounded people screaming for help were met with tear gas and rubber bullets. Buildings left to burn to the ground, as the Fire Services seemed uninterested in doing their jobs. To be fair it was very dangerous last night for everyone and gun shots were widely reported.

Fires burned so widely on West Florissant Ave that it’s hard to count how many, but reports say over a dozen businesses were lost. A used car lot was also set ablaze by unknown persons. Some claim that police agitators were responsible for some of the fires, but it’s doubtful and only rumours.

ferguson little caesears fire

In St. Louis, marches were taking place down major roadways after the grand jury decision came down. People were angry but mostly peaceful in the major city. There were some business windows broken and light looting on South Grand BLVD and that’s when things got ugly down there. Police showed up hard and began firing tear gas so heavy it looked like some fucked up fog from one of those horror movies. Seriously, the tear gas fog was so heavy you couldn’t see across the street when it was at its thickest.

Fog of Tear Gas in STL

Demonstrators who were peacefully marching in the area were caught in at least three rounds of the gas. Protestors had set up several locations around the St. Louis area as “Safe Places” and were outside one, a local business (with permission from the owner), when it went down. Riot police showed up quickly firing round after round of tear gas and when the protestors went inside the building for cover, they fired a round in the building. Coughing, spitting, and vomiting were prevalent. Then police began ordering the people to disperse and leave the area immediately or they will be arrested, but were on private property with permission.

St. Louis Tear Gas

We have seen court order after order dropped on St. Louis area police commanding them to stand down when press are working and people are on private property. They constantly break these orders and go into private residences and businesses without probable cause or warrants. A press photographer was arrested a few nights ago for being ON the side walk, just after they commanded everyone to leave… So the situation is very scary and totally fucked over here. People are angry and causing major damage, throwing rocks, shooting, and starting fires. Plus police are cracking down indiscriminately on crowds of peaceful protestors, while widely ignoring some of the violent pockets.

I can’t say for certain that a lot of what we saw was intentional by the local government, but it sure looked that way considering they promised to protect life, property, and free speech (in that order) and failed miserably to do the last two. National Guard troops were in the area but completely unseen except as escorts to a few police. They had no rifles or gear on, just military uniforms so not sure what the purpose of them being there was.

We can expect more riots as the night falls and more damage and police abuses. This isn’t going away anytime soon and it’s going to get messy.


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