The #NHSTabletTeam Is Encouraging You To Donate Your Old Tablets To The NHS

They will enable patients to contact loved ones.

The Coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented situation for pretty much everyone in the world and people are still working out what they can do to help whilst self isolating and staying safe and this is how the concept of the NHS Tablet Team was developed.

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The idea comes courtesy of businessman David Ross, who said he came up with it over the weekend and the reaction has already been fantastic:

I was thinking about what I could do over the weekend to help out the NHS and the country with the Coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve got loads of old tablets and laptops at the office that we don’t need any more and I realised that it would probably really help patients if I donated some of them.

They will help them keep entertained whilst they’re on the wards and enable them to contact loved ones, who may not be able to see them due to the infection rate of Coronavirus.

The reaction from Barnet hospital when I talked to them was unbelievable and I’ll be dropping off a bunch of iPads there later today once they’re fully charged.

I want to encourage everyone to do the same – most people have a bunch old devices lying around in their houses and now is the perfect time to get rid of them and do something useful.

Use the hashtag #NHSTabletTeam if you donate one so that more people will hear about it

We all need to work together to get through these troubled times.

Well what a great idea that is and one that I’m sure a lot of people in this country will be able to contribute to due the fact that everyone seems to love hoarding old stuff and not throwing it away. If you don’t know where your local hospital is, just use this tool to find out and contact them, but they’ll almost certainly be happy to hear from you during this dark time. Go for it.

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