Twitter Users Join Forces To Track Down And Knock Out Swastika-Wearing Nazi

Nazi punch

Team work.

Violence shouldn’t be fought with more violence – that’s what civilised society is supposed to think. Two wrongs don’t make a right and all that.

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However, when it comes to Nazis this rule gets thrown into the grey area and just seeing a far-righter in the street can turn gentle, placid people in raging football hooligans.

Case in point, this recent incident where twitter users banded together to help track down and then knock out a man who was wearing a swastika armband around Seattle.

A picture of him riding the bus was shared on twitter describing where he was headed:

Shortly after it was posted, residents began to tweet the whereabouts of this man as they saw him walking down the street. And less than an hour later, a video clip emerged showing the Nazi sympathiser crumbling to the ground after being whacked around the face by a much larger dude whose friend ends the punch with the perfect finishing line – “Night, night.”

Deserved? Definitely yes. Sweet dreams little fascist.

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