Katie Price Is Desperate To Be Involved With Love Island And Is After Tommy Fury

She said that Tommy Fury needs a real woman.

It’s probably no great surprise that the queen of reality television Katie Price is completely obsessed with the current number one reality TV show Love Island, but here we are writing an article confirming this and talking about how she’s desperate to be involved with it.

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The news comes courtesy of the Metro, who have also revealed that Katie has her eye on Tommy Fury and claims that she’s saying he needs a real woman. Here’s what an insider had to say about it all:

Katie is desperate to desperate to be associated with the show as it keeps her young.

She just wants to be involved with the islanders, whether that’s representing them or being a guest on Aftersun.

Katie thinks Tommy would be better off with her and needs a real woman with experience in life.

She’s described him as her ideal man and said she hasn’t had a crush like this in ages.

Kinda weird that she’s completely obsessed with a show that has nothing to do with her and that ‘it keeps her young’, but then I guess that’s Katie Price for you isn’t it? She’s a major weirdo.

Obviously these comments haven’t gone down too well with Katie’s boyfriend Kris Boyson – how could they? – who has apparently banned her from watching it in their house, meaning she has to find more ‘creative’ ways to watch it. Sounds like a great hook for a potential reality TV show itself doesn’t it? Pretty much as inane as most of them anyway.

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