The Best/Worst Of Nigel Farage’s Political Career In Pictures And Videos

What a beautiful scrap book of memories.

David Cameron resigns. Nigel Farage resigns. Boris Johnson disappears. It’s fair to say British politicians have shown themselves to be grade A pussies in the weeks following Brexit.

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But surely Farage could have survived the Brexit backlash, considering everything else he’s survived in his political career.

Here’s a rundown…

The time he was nearly killed in a plane crash after a UKIP banner got caught in the tail:





Egged on a campaign visit to Nottingham…

Forgot to name the UKIP candidate on the ballot paper for 2012’s London Mayoral election – whoops!


Man making a wanker sign behind him live on the news:

And again…


Getting owned in Birmingham:

A BBC technical glitch gave him a Hitler moustache on live TV:


Getting attacked in Scotland and taking refuge in a pub…

Oh well, off he goes back to the EU to file his expenses before heading back home to his German immigrant wife and half English half German kids. I swear politics is filled with such hypocritical shit-cunts it’s unreal.

At least we don’t need to worry about Michael Gove becoming PM – even he knows he’s not up to the task.


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