New Research Suggests That Some Men Avoid Green Behaviour Because It Makes Them Look Gay

Come on now.

Back in the day I’m pretty sure that everyone was called gay as an insult on the playground at least once or twice, but you would kind of hoped that people would have grown out of using that these days, especially considering how woke everyone is acting these days. Or pretending to at least.

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Turns out that this isn’t really the case at all though, as some men are actively avoiding recycling and performing other green activities because they actively think that it’s making them look a bit gay in front of their mates. This attitude was discovered by the team behind a new study entitled ‘Gender Bending and Gender Conformity: The Social Consequences of Engaging in Feminine and Masculine Pro-Environmental Behaviors’ with lead author Janet Swan saying the following:

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Behaviours don’t just help us accomplish something concrete; they also signal something about who we are.

Line-drying clothes, or keeping tires at proper pressures, may signal that we care about the environment, but if those green behaviours are gendered, they may signal other things as well.

In the surveys, if a male character was performing these activities, then he was assumed to be gay or less likely to be hetersosexual.

Activists, policymakers, and practitioners working to engage in, and promote, pro-environmental behaviour may wish to take into account pressures to conform to gender roles.

Wow. Just when you thought that there weren’t’ enough people attacking green practices for absolutely ridiculous reasons, then something like this pops up out of nowhere and throws another cog in the system.

People really need to grow up and get this out of their system because it really is stupid – there’s nothing remotely queer or gay about looking after the environment and even if there was that’s hardly a bad thing is it? Idiots.

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