These New Handguns Are Actually Made Out Of Meteorites And Cost A Cool $4.5 Million

Meteorite Guns

4 billion years in the making.

There’s nothing that screams out super cool dangerous badass like having your own custom gun made for you, but if you want to take it to the next level then you might as well shell out $4.5 million for a couple of handguns that are crafted from a meteorite that had been flying through space for 4 billion years before crashing into the Earth. I mean why not right?

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The guns are called The Big Bang Pistol Set and are two super sweet looking high end 1911 semi automatic pistols from Cabot Guns. They look completely badass and would probably do the business in a firefight too. I doubt anyone is going to be firing them though when they cost $4.5 million in the first place right? They’re also the only ones in existence in the whole world and took four years to make too so ain’t nobody gonna be spoiling them – purely decorative only, but still fucking badass.

Here’s a video detailing the manufacturing process – they’re actually the first mechanical devices ever made so there’s a bit of history in there with these guys too, making them even more valuable.

Yeah, there’s no way that people aren’t going to think you’re super cool if you blew $4.5 million on a couple of guns made out of meteorites is there? To be honest if you can even afford to do that then you probably pay for all your friends anyway so it isn’t going to make much of a difference, but you might earn the respect of people like me if that’s an incentive. Probably not I imagine.

It’s clear to see where they got their inspiration from  – it was recently confirmed that King Tutunkhamun’s dagger was made out of meteorite rock too.


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