This Mum Says Her Son’s ‘Hidden Vagina’ Caused Her To Miscarry

Leanne Owen Harry

I hate it when that happens.

40-year-old Leanne Owen has spoken out about her recent miscarriage and said that the reason it happened was due to the stress she was under after finding out her son had a hidden vagina.

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Leanne found out that her eight-year-old son, Harry Blunden, was suffering from the rare conditions bifid scrotum and urethral duplication last year.

While she was pregnant when trying to find out what was wrong with her son, when she finally got the diagnosis, she unfortunately miscarried. The doctors worked out that all of these incidents unfolded in the same week.

Poor little Harry was going through a pretty tough time as he was born with no anus, no urethra hole in his penis and three holes in his heart as well as a twisted spine and kidney problems. What the hell? How can one person have so many things wrong with them?

But it was his bifid scrotum that was the real shocker. Apparently he had a deep midline cleft in his scrotum, which causes two labia folds (basically a hidden vagina) and this was only discovered a year ago. The alarm bells were raised due to his lack of penis growth (this kid really can’t seem to catch a break) and that’s when Leanne decided to try to find a diagnosis. She said:

When I went in for my first pregnancy scan, they found blood in my urine and I was told that I had lost my baby at six weeks.

I was devastated and when I went back and tracked the weeks back, that would have made it to around May 18 last year – which was the same week that I was told that Harry had a vagina.


I knew there was something internally that was wrong with Harry as well as the other defects that were picked when he was born.

I’ve spent the months since joining Facebook groups, support groups and asking experts around the world to try and find out what was wrong with Harry.

When I found out that it was vacterl association, I just broke down because it was such a huge breakthrough and now we can get the treatment to get him on the right path in life.

Poor kid – don’t even know what they’ll need to do to help him. Close up the vagina I guess. Hope he gets the help he needs.

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