Kim Kardashian’s New Emoji App Breaks The Apple Store, Makes Her $1 Million A Minute


Kim Kardashian has “broken the Internet” — well, technically just the Apple Store — once again following the release of her $1.99 emoji app on Monday.

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It’s called “Kimoji” and features 250+ Kardashian-themed emojis, for example these ones:


Apparently 9,000 people per second were downloading the app, meaning it was grossing about $1 million a minute, which is just utterly insane.

Naturally, Kim was over the moon:

And Kanye even more so:

So honestly, is this the kind of thing kids are going to be getting taught in history class in the future? I’m genuinely wondering if the Kardashians are going to be on the school syllabus because they’re just so stupidly popular and everywhere you look these days. $1 million a minute for a stupid emoji app? Jesus Christ.

I mean imagine explaining to generations of the future that Kim Kardashian’s ginormous butt broke the Internet, and then her crappy emoji made her more money in one minute than most people see in their life times. The girl could take a shit and sell it for more money than most of us will see in our lifetimes. There’s a chance that’s literally true.

At least we’ll always have Rob Kardashian – he’s 100% normal, right?


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