This Woman Is So Rich She Didn’t Realise Her Picasso Got Stolen 7 Years Ago

What else could she be missing?

Billionaire socialite Wilma “Billie” Tisch is suing a Florida gallery owner for trying to sell a $1 million Picasso that was stolen from her Manhattan home – sometime around December 2009.

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88-year-old Wilma only recently realised that her 1928 painting of Picasso’s mistress Marie-Therese Walter was missing.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Kenney asked in court:

What took everyone so long to figure out it was missing?

Wilmaa’s lawyer answered:

They have a significant collection of art.

The Miami gallery owner, Kenneth Hendel, had his mind completely blown:

When is too rich, too rich to not notice you’re missing a Picasso for 10 years?

Wilma Tisch, who’s worth $1.41 billion, realised she’d last seen the piece in 2009 when she had it appraised by Christie’s at her home. She searched her files and “found no record reflecting any sale or gift of the work.”

Her lawyer believes Wilma’s ex-maid – who now lives in Ecuador – stole the painting and sold it on to the gallery. He’s considering reporting the crime to the FBI.


There’s rich, and then there’s mega rich. We could all combine our bank accounts right now and it wouldn’t even come close to touching Wilma Tische’s riches. When you don’t even realise your $1million Picasso painting has gone missing, that’s just a whole different level of wealth.

Where was she even keeping this painting that she didn’t notice it was gone for 7 years? In the loft? She could have dropped dead one of these days (a real possibility going off that photo) and then no one would ever have known the painting was stolen. What a world.

P.S. Get a load of this painting that sold for $46.5 million at Sotheby’s – what a pisstake.


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