Someone Built The Minecraft Creator’s $70 Million House In Minecraft

Notch's LA Mansion

Minecraft creator who outbid Jay-Z and Beyonce on mansion gets his mansion built in Minecraft itself.

You might remember last week when Swedish super nerd and Minecraft creator Markus Persson – whose nickname is apparently ‘Notch’ – hit the news when he outbid Jay Z and Beyonce to buy a sweet LA pad for $70 million. Nerds all over the world rejoiced as finally they had a role model who took down the popular cool kids and moved into their sick houses.

One guy has taken this praise for Notch one step further though, as he decided to create Notch’s $70 million new purchase in Minecraft itself. Meta. Where the hell do these people have the time to do crap like this eh?

If you want to check out the computer recreation of the house below then feel free, I can think of better ways you might spend your time though. And no, they don’t include building a mansion in Minecraft either.


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