This Guy Reading A Book At A Beyonce Concert Is An Absolute Legend (VIDEO)

Nothing messes with an old man’s reading time.

There are (literally) people out there who would sacrifice a body part to go to one of Beyonce’s concerts, even if it means sitting in the worst seats in the whole venue.

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One of those people is definitely not the guy in the video below.

Twitter user Michelle Gardner was at the Beyonce concert in Raleigh, NC on Tuesday night when she noticed the man – probably a dad or husband of an actual Beyonce fan – chilling in the back row, casually reading a book.

Watch below:

What an absolute legend, whoever he is. He might’ve got roped into taking his wife/daughter/granddaughter to the Beyonce concert but there was no chance he was going to let that interfere with his reading time. Doesn’t matter how many booties are being shook in front of him, nothing messes with an old man’s reading schedule. Respect.

Cue Beyonce fan meltdown in 3, 2, 1


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