Everyone’s Hating On Metal Band ‘Asking Alexandria’ After They Gave This Lame AF Interview

Asking Alexandria

Cool story bro.

There are countless stories about the legends of rock and roll destroying hotel rooms and throwing TVs out of windows just for the hell of it, but in 2016 I don’t reckon that anyone really thinks that that kind of behaviour is that cool.

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Well, it turns out I was wrong, because these stories told by Ben and James from metal heavyweights ‘Asking Alexandria’ pretty much exemplifies everything that’s wrong with the modern music scene and the people within it. Take it away lads (you’ll see lad is a key phrase here):

Geez, what a bunch of mongols. Just going around smashing up hotels for the hell of it all the time and not being respectful of anyone’s property for literally no reason. Cool story guys.

Thing is, back in the day bands quite literally had to stay cooped up in a hotel room together, because there were no mobile phones or anything. So essentially they did have to stay there, which inevitably would lead to mad drinking sessions and smashing TVs and shit.

These days though, these pricks are choosing to visit Argentina and Australia and spend five days locked in a hotel smoking and drinking. I mean sure partying is great, we all know that, but maybe take a walk around the city or go check out some of the sights for a day? Just one day?

Right now they just sound like some kids describing their Gap Year trip around the world rather than the rock stars that they’re trying so desperately to be. Pricks.

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