China Bans ‘Erotic’ Banana-Eating Live Streams

The end of an era.

Chinese live-streaming services have officially banned people from filming themselves eating bananas in a ‘seductive’ fashion.

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The new rules mean that live-streaming sites need to stay on top of all output 24/7 to ensure no one is sucking off bananas on a live-stream. In addition to this, you are no longer allowed to wear stockings and suspenders while live-streaming.

This comes as China attempts to clamp down on “inappropriate and erotic” online content which they claim “harms social morality.”

Live-stream sites are huge in China, particularly webcam sessions featuring young women, whether they involve bananas or not.

Three-quarters of live-streaming viewers in China are male.


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Why are the Chinese so weird when it comes to dicks or things that look like dicks? Not only are cocks always pixelated in Chinese pornos, now they won’t even let you suck off a banana on a live-stream? Meanwhile they’re mass-producing My Little Pony Inflatable Sex Dolls and tossing each other off on live TV. A little consistency, please!


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