Ruthless Guy Proposes To Girlfriend By Staging Mock ‘Police Ambush’ Using His Mates In Balaclavas (VIDEO)

Who says chivalry is dead?

Whoever says chivalry is dead obviously hasn’t seen this clip going viral in Romania this week, featuring a young man proposing to his girlfriend after ensuring she’s well and truly shat her pants first.

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Terrified Alexandra thinks she’s going to the shops with boyfriend Vlad Lungu when suddenly they’re ambushed by his mates in balaclavas.

A ‘police officer’ shouts:

Do you know this man?! Do you know what he has got in the boot?!”

After sufficiently shaking her up, Vlad pops the question:

I’m going to go ahead and guess that police kick the shit out of people on the regs in Romania so no doubt Alexandra was proper shitting it here. Also kinda smart on Vlad’s behalf as it sort of sends a message that if she fucks him up during their marriage he’ll make her disappear. Good luck you two!


What’s worse though – that or hiding the engagement ring in a McDonald’s chicken sandwich box?


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