Pornhub And Best Man Team Up To Reveal Groom’s Niche Porn Habits At His Wedding


This is excruciating.

Weddings as an event are average at best. I personally am not a fan of the marriage industry because quite frankly no one really cares about a couple being in love except for the couple themselves. The whole thing is just a day filled with awkward small talk, terrible catering and of course the dreaded best man’s speech.

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However, if every wedding played out like this one then I might be more inclined to speak highly of them. A guy named Thom was tasked with writing a best man speech for his friend Danny and instead of the regular crap jokes and nostalgic anecdotes, he decided to team up with the one and only Pornhub to create a video that outlined Danny’s love for the website. Yes, he might’ve just ruined his mate’s marriage from the get-go, but it definitely makes for entertaining viewing:

OK, so that could’ve been a lot worse. Obviously the ‘favourites’ were just tongue-in-cheek. I’m pretty sure if they’d shown his actual viewing history he would’ve been dumped there and then – no girl wants to see that their guy has a penchant for ‘DP 50 Guy Creampie’ on their wedding day.

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